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What Are Your Plans For 9th May?

I bet you must have forgotten all about May 9th haven’t you? It’s okay, your mom doesn’t expect you to remember that May 9th is Mother’s Day because she knows you are too busy with your life and perhaps you have someone more important in your life with tons of dates to remember!

For all of you who have absolutely no clue the day means, it’s Mother’s Day and tough there aren’t too many things that can be accomplished in a very short time to make your mom feel special. Here are some that we are sure will bring a smile on your mom’s face for sure. 

Cool eye-wear
Moms dig cool eye-wear. It makes them feel awesome and boosts their ego by the truck load! Does your mom still put on her old eye-wear? You can help her buy a new pair. It’s easy because eye-wear doesn’t cost too much and thanks to all the cool websites that sell eye-wear today, you can replace a pair if it’s not what makes your mama happy.

Gift a Trip
Another great idea that sure to impress is a fully paid trip with her better half (you dad!) to an exotic location far away from all the worry and hurry of life. When was the last time she went to a trip? A trip away from the hurry of her life will present her with the opportunity to unwind and forget all worries of life at least for a few days. A trip is the second best thing to jewellery.

Polki Jewellery
Engraved jewellery is in this season and it is generating interests to such proportions that we wouldn’t be surprised if your mommy loved it too! Go a-hunting and check out what your nearest jewellery store has in store for you. Polki Jewellery is very trendy and will strike the right cord with your  mom.


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