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How Not To Be Killjoy on Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Forgot your girlfriend’s birthday last time? It must have been hell trying to make up to her. This year, don’t make the same mistake, plan something in advance, put in the time to look for something really impressive and show her that last year was a one-off incident and you truly love her.

Don’t Just Buy a Birthday Card
Birthday cards are classic, they have been around for ages now, but that also makes birthday cards very common, with tons of cards your girlfriend will get, making your card stand out is going to be a big headache that you can easily avoid. We don’t mean you shouldn’t buy a card – buy a card by all means, but couple it with something that takes the focus away from the card. Perhaps Diamond Jewellery is apt for the occasion?

Appeal Beyond Materialism
Sometimes you can make a bigger and better impression on her without spending a lot of money in the process. Does she live alone from her parents and pining for their presence? Plan to drive her parents to her home, or arrange for a surprise meeting. You will truly touch her heart.

Plan a Gastronomic Surprise
Is your girl a foodie? Plan something that she wasn’t expecting at all. That way you will surprise her and give her a really good time on her birthday. How much you spend on arranging the meal isn’t important but surprising her is. Perhaps she has been talking of a particular cuisine or there could have been a time when she really enjoyed a dish. Recreate the experience for her and you have a killer plan to make your girlfriend feel special on her big day.

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