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Things you should consider before buying Gold Jewellery in Delhi

Gold jewellery is the most popular investment for an Indian. We buy gold at every possible occasion we can think about and that includes birthdays, marriages and anniversaries. The emotional value we attach to gold has remained undiminished over centuries, but some have been questioning the ‘economical’ aspect of gold as an investment tool.  Here are some key considerations that you should make when buying Gold Jewellery in Delhi.
We will begin by looking what you should not expect from gold investment.

Non-Existent Current Income: Gold does not generate income sitting at your home or in a bank locker. On top of that, you may have to pay for the locker. If you were expecting an income to be generated from your gold jeweleries then you will be gravely mistaken. Your Gold Jewellery in Delhi or anywhere else for that matter will not give you immediate incomes, like you would expect from real estates or shares. So keep your expectations practical.

No Tax Relief:  Most of us expect tax benefits from our gold investment, but we hardly ask for receipts and bills for gold jewellery in Delhi.  In fact, it has been estimated that less 10% of gold jewellery in the country is billed; the rest is handed over from generation to generation over time.

Value Appreciation: The value of your gold property in Delhi will not just appreciate multiple times after a few years. Historically gold has been known to topple economies but in terms of value appreciation, gold does not appreciate as well as real estate or land.

However, purchasing gold jewellery in Delhi is great for many other reasons.  Gold Jewellery holds great emotional value. No wedding event is complete without gold jewellery. The significance of adorning the new bride with jewellery is unlikely to diminish anytime soon and despite the fact that people are going for platinum and diamond, gold is the primary precious metal used across the nation.

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