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The Most Common Metals Used in Designer Jewellery

Jewellery, which woman does not love jewellery or does not have tons of it stowed away in the safety of her bedroom? Indians have been using jewellery for adornment since centuries. The significance of jewellery in the country is evident from the fact that on many occasions, jewellery forms a part of gifts. Though the trend of man are turning themselves is now faded away, many of them still use earrings, bracelets, pendants and the lot, but it is mostly the Indian women for whom jewellery means a lot – therefore, here we will check the three most common metals Indian women use in their designer jewellery.

Gold and its alloys
Gold has captivated the human psyche and is considered one of the most sensuous elements found on Earth. Gold jewellery is relatively easy to make for jewellers, no other metal 1 ounces in weight can be told flat into a shape covering hundred square feet in area! Goal is easy to make, and holds its lustre for decades and even centuries if not less. With proper care, gold jewellery can be passed on from one generation to another, making it even more suitable for the purpose of ornamentation through generations. Gold, and special form has a few drawbacks. It is soft and therefore wearing a down is rather easy. Therefore to add to its physical properties zinc, nickel, tin, manganese et cetera is added to form different alloys of gold which is stronger and more durable than its natural form. This also adds different colours to the gold jewellery as you may have seen in the form of coloured gold jewellery.

Of all noble metals, Platinum is the most expensive because it is terrorist on Earth. It has been in use since 700 BC in the form of weapons and various other objects. The use of platinum in making jewellery is only recent. The oldest record of platinum used as jewellery was found in ancient Egypt. Most of the platinum that is bound today is used in industrial applications. Platinum is a well-known catalyst and a quarter of the platinum mind worldwide finds application in industries. However, since 1900s, jewellery makers brought the metal to limelight through Hollywood stars. The metal is incredibly durable and does not tarnish which is why it is used for designing engagement and wedding rings.

History suggests that silver has enjoyed a more elevated status than gold at times. It has long been used as a medium of exchange and even today silver is used for ton of applications besides being used as jewellery. It is also more popular than gold or platinum because of its easy availability and abundance in nature. It is also easy to make and costs less hence it is more popular than gold or platinum for obvious reasons.

How to Buy Gold Jewellery without Wasting Your Money

How many times have it been when you find your gold jewellery getting dark and out of shine in just a few months. Take them back to the jeweller and they will give you excuses or even blame your sweat for the spots and blotches on your jewellery!

To prevent that from happening; you should choose a reputed Gold Jewellery in Delhi and do due diligence in getting the best value of your money. We have a few tips for you that we believe will help you in finding really good gold jewellery. 

Understand what karat markings mean
Every piece of gold jewellery is marked with karat markings and without them your purchases mean nothing. There are varieties in karats in the market and you will observe that prices vary upon these. 14K gold is the cheapest and least pure (58.5%) and 24K is the purest form (99.9%) which is rare and not to mention costly. In India, you will most probably buy 22K gold which is 91.6% pure and perfect for everything from weddings to birthdays and every other occasion that deserves a gift of gold.

Look for the right colour
Gold jewellery comes in different colours. Some come in green, red and rose coloured too. Designer jewellery has no limits when it comes to colours. But the classic gold jewellery is yellow in colour that you are used to seeing.

When you are in the market to buy gold; visit as many Gold Jewellery shops in Delhi as possible to find the widest range of products and prices.

How Early Should You Start Planning For Bridal Jewellery?

No bridal ensemble is complete without the right designer jewellery.  After the wedding is done guests, especially in India will talk of only two things - jewellery in the bride and the food! Of course what other guests wear and the decoration are good gossip materials too but nothing beats the talk on bridal jewellery so every bride should make sure that guests are not allowed any to think less of what she wears. And how does she do that?

Start very early with pre-wedding plans

Good Jewellery takes time to be made and even more time to buy. Everyone is after the best in market so naturally the demand for designer jewellery is more compared to everyday use fares. A good time to plan for ornaments is at least a year ahead of the wedding. You wouldn't believe how fast time flies. A good set of jewellery will take more a month to be prepared and should you need further changes made to it than the jeweller will have time to make those without rushing things.  Some Indian parents start planning for their daughter's wedding jewellery several years in advance. There is the risk of designs getting obsolete by then but people have their own reasons for starting early. Decide what's best or you but give it at least a year to done satisfactorily.

If you are short on time you can very easily check out online avenues and start planning that way too. When you are ready approach the physical location of the shop and place your order there. Getting your hands on the best designer jewellery is all depends on your planning. 

How Not To Be Killjoy on Your Girlfriend’s Birthday

Forgot your girlfriend’s birthday last time? It must have been hell trying to make up to her. This year, don’t make the same mistake, plan something in advance, put in the time to look for something really impressive and show her that last year was a one-off incident and you truly love her.

Don’t Just Buy a Birthday Card
Birthday cards are classic, they have been around for ages now, but that also makes birthday cards very common, with tons of cards your girlfriend will get, making your card stand out is going to be a big headache that you can easily avoid. We don’t mean you shouldn’t buy a card – buy a card by all means, but couple it with something that takes the focus away from the card. Perhaps Diamond Jewellery is apt for the occasion?

Appeal Beyond Materialism
Sometimes you can make a bigger and better impression on her without spending a lot of money in the process. Does she live alone from her parents and pining for their presence? Plan to drive her parents to her home, or arrange for a surprise meeting. You will truly touch her heart.

Plan a Gastronomic Surprise
Is your girl a foodie? Plan something that she wasn’t expecting at all. That way you will surprise her and give her a really good time on her birthday. How much you spend on arranging the meal isn’t important but surprising her is. Perhaps she has been talking of a particular cuisine or there could have been a time when she really enjoyed a dish. Recreate the experience for her and you have a killer plan to make your girlfriend feel special on her big day.

Factors You Need To Consider When Buying Gold Jewellery in Delhi

Out to surprise someone special with a gift of gold? Did you know that you stand a better chance at impressing the recipient if you consider all factors that dictates the appropriateness of the gift? Here will see a few of those factors shall we?

The occasion
The first factor that you need to consider is the occasion for which you are buying Gold Jewellery. For instance if it’s a birthday then perhaps you need not spend as much as you would on someone’s marriage for the simple reason that marriages happen once and birthdays come every year, so you can always spend some more and get the person a better one the next time.

Taste of the recipient
Buying personal gifts like jewellery becomes easier when you understand the personal tastes of the person concerned. Some people have expensive tastes and love to flaunt their prized possessions; others aren’t very vocal and love to keep things subtle. Based on the personal tastes of the recipient your Gold Jewellery in Delhi needs to be different.

How much are you willing to spend?
This again depends on the occasion. If it’s something that doesn’t happen very often or you will not get another chance to shower your love for that person then you must make your first chance at impressing the recipient at the only opportunity you have. Deliberate upon all that and decide on the best course to take. If you feel that the occasion deserves no corner cuts then go ahead and don’t let your wallet suffocate your emotions, you may never get another chance at this. 

Diamonds are Special and They Need Special Care

From all accounts we have read thus far, we know that diamonds are the hardest of all elements known to man. That however, doesn’t mean that diamond jewellery doesn’t need any care. If you take proper care of these, they will last you a lifetime.

Diamonds Don’t Like Each Other

Diamonds are so hard but some are harder compared to others, so what that means is if you place two diamonds close together, one will scratch the other! Then of course there are metals to consider. If you must keep diamonds with other jewellery be sure to place it separately with a cloth in between to prevent each other from touching.

Cleaning Jewels with Soap and Brush

Jewellery cleaners can be bought off the shelves dime a dozen but you don’t even need them. All you will ever need is a brush, some water and a little time to let your jewellery soak in the soap-water mixture. Once it has been soaked enough gently brush over the surface for a while and that should take care of everything.

Check for loose rocks

When you keep jewellery without wearing it for months at end, some stones tend to become loose and when that happens, an important rock may slip out of the casing without your knowledge. Given the worth of diamonds, you will incur a huge loss if that ever happens.

Having your diamond jewellery timely checked for loose pieces of rocks isn’t a bad thing to do. And it doesn’t cost a lot as well, so take your pieces to the jeweler and have him take a look at it.

Home Tips to Keep Your Gold Jewelry Sparkling

Is your precious gold Jewellery getting tarnished? Don’t worry, gold (and all precious metal for that matter) tends to get dirty after months of use. We in the Indian subcontinent sweat a lot and sweat contains salts which reacts with gold and that creates spots. To clean those you can either take your Jewellery to the jeweler or try out these simple tips to clean your Hallmark Gold Jewellery at home.

The Antacid Treatment
Get a sachet of your favorite antacid, you can pick anyone you like that can be bought over the counter at your locality. Dissolve it in a cup of water; take only enough so that it doesn’t fizz out of the cup. Drop in your gold studs and keep it in for a few minutes. Fish them out and rinse under tap water until you have washed it all off. It should take care of most stains on your rings and bracelets.

The Ion Exchange Procedure
Does it sound like you need to set up a laboratory at home? You don’t have to. All you need for this advanced sounding process is some aluminum foil and some detergent powder. Cover the insides of a bowl with aluminum foil and pour in water to it, add half a spoon of detergent powder and let your Jewellery sit in the bowl for some time. The detergent will react with aluminum and get stains off the surface easily.

There are lots more that you can use to clean your precious Hallmark Gold Jewellery and other metallic Jewellery, but we are sure these two will take care of most stains.

What Are Your Plans For 9th May?

I bet you must have forgotten all about May 9th haven’t you? It’s okay, your mom doesn’t expect you to remember that May 9th is Mother’s Day because she knows you are too busy with your life and perhaps you have someone more important in your life with tons of dates to remember!

For all of you who have absolutely no clue the day means, it’s Mother’s Day and tough there aren’t too many things that can be accomplished in a very short time to make your mom feel special. Here are some that we are sure will bring a smile on your mom’s face for sure. 

Cool eye-wear
Moms dig cool eye-wear. It makes them feel awesome and boosts their ego by the truck load! Does your mom still put on her old eye-wear? You can help her buy a new pair. It’s easy because eye-wear doesn’t cost too much and thanks to all the cool websites that sell eye-wear today, you can replace a pair if it’s not what makes your mama happy.

Gift a Trip
Another great idea that sure to impress is a fully paid trip with her better half (you dad!) to an exotic location far away from all the worry and hurry of life. When was the last time she went to a trip? A trip away from the hurry of her life will present her with the opportunity to unwind and forget all worries of life at least for a few days. A trip is the second best thing to jewellery.

Polki Jewellery
Engraved jewellery is in this season and it is generating interests to such proportions that we wouldn’t be surprised if your mommy loved it too! Go a-hunting and check out what your nearest jewellery store has in store for you. Polki Jewellery is very trendy and will strike the right cord with your  mom.

5Cs of Perfect Diamonds

Diamonds are a constant source of joy for all. Despite what some sales clerk would like you to believe, it is not too difficult to buy the best rock for your budget. The world makes a lot out of diamonds and these are among the cost priciest things known to man. Here are 5 points that make diamonds what they are – special.

The size of a diamond is measured in carats. The larger the size the bigger will be its carat number. A diamond is measured in 100 points. For instance a diamond weighing 50 points is .50 carat. This is the least important of all parameters and hence gets it out of the way as soon as possible. Two diamonds of the same carat number can have different price/value depending on its cut and clarity.

How a diamond is cut determines the stone’s reflective qualities and directly influences its value. A diamond's cut affects its brilliance. The better the cut, the brighter the diamond appears. Always look for the cuts on the rock because it is among the most important things to consider when buying a diamond.

Imperfections in a diamond make it special, but a lot of them lower the value. In fact, a diamond with fewer imperfections costs lower than one with a lot of them. 

Completely white diamonds are very rare. Almost every diamond has some special characteristic blemishes that make the rock disperse light interestingly. Some have very unique colors in them which can be observed by putting it against a white surface

A certified diamond is a stone that has been submitted to either EGL or GIA for quality analysis.  The lab grades the color and clarity and takes detailed measurements of the diamond. Always look for diamond Jewellery that have been tested and approved by a trusted agency.

Buying Gold Jewellery Smartly

Festival season or not, we Indians love investing in gold, buying as many as possible whenever the opportunity presents itself. Gold is a good investment and has been on top of the list of things people want to buy when they think about buying something valuable to gift someone close and special. And since Gold Jewellery is popular, there is a huge demand for it all around and whosoever is concerned with designing and selling Gold Jewellery is trying to make the most of the opportunity they have. So how do you buy the best Gold Jewellery and yet spend as little as possible.

Watch out for the manufacturing price trap
The manufacturing price depends on a lot of things, most notably on the price of gold at the moment jewelers are at work designing your piece. Unless you ask them to keep prices under limit, they will make the most of whatever is best for them. You need to understand what is best for you and find a deal that is best for you. Look for Gold Jewellery designers who promise ‘fixed making price’ deals.

Machine made Jewellery is cheaper
You might not always want to spend thousands in jewellery for a friend. In that case, you should opt for machine made Gold Jewellery; the making charge of machine made pieces is less, so it’s a win–win situation for you. Not only you end up impressing your friend with great jewellery, you also save tons on making charge, and since machine made pieces get made faster, you can get an ear ring or bangle made in a day even!

Check the purity machine once more

The purity machine can be tricked to show a piece of jewellery to be more pure than it actually is. Don’t go about accusing the shop keeper of stealing from you or anything, but be sure to make it evident that you prefer honesty over anything.  Gold Jewellery has great resale value, but only if it is pure. Take the right steps to prevent yourself from price-shock in the future.

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