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The Most Common Metals Used in Designer Jewellery

Jewellery, which woman does not love jewellery or does not have tons of it stowed away in the safety of her bedroom? Indians have been using jewellery for adornment since centuries. The significance of jewellery in the country is evident from the fact that on many occasions, jewellery forms a part of gifts. Though the trend of man are turning themselves is now faded away, many of them still use earrings, bracelets, pendants and the lot, but it is mostly the Indian women for whom jewellery means a lot – therefore, here we will check the three most common metals Indian women use in their designer jewellery.

Gold and its alloys
Gold has captivated the human psyche and is considered one of the most sensuous elements found on Earth. Gold jewellery is relatively easy to make for jewellers, no other metal 1 ounces in weight can be told flat into a shape covering hundred square feet in area! Goal is easy to make, and holds its lustre for decades and even centuries if not less. With proper care, gold jewellery can be passed on from one generation to another, making it even more suitable for the purpose of ornamentation through generations. Gold, and special form has a few drawbacks. It is soft and therefore wearing a down is rather easy. Therefore to add to its physical properties zinc, nickel, tin, manganese et cetera is added to form different alloys of gold which is stronger and more durable than its natural form. This also adds different colours to the gold jewellery as you may have seen in the form of coloured gold jewellery.

Of all noble metals, Platinum is the most expensive because it is terrorist on Earth. It has been in use since 700 BC in the form of weapons and various other objects. The use of platinum in making jewellery is only recent. The oldest record of platinum used as jewellery was found in ancient Egypt. Most of the platinum that is bound today is used in industrial applications. Platinum is a well-known catalyst and a quarter of the platinum mind worldwide finds application in industries. However, since 1900s, jewellery makers brought the metal to limelight through Hollywood stars. The metal is incredibly durable and does not tarnish which is why it is used for designing engagement and wedding rings.

History suggests that silver has enjoyed a more elevated status than gold at times. It has long been used as a medium of exchange and even today silver is used for ton of applications besides being used as jewellery. It is also more popular than gold or platinum because of its easy availability and abundance in nature. It is also easy to make and costs less hence it is more popular than gold or platinum for obvious reasons.

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