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How to Buy Gold Jewellery without Wasting Your Money

How many times have it been when you find your gold jewellery getting dark and out of shine in just a few months. Take them back to the jeweller and they will give you excuses or even blame your sweat for the spots and blotches on your jewellery!

To prevent that from happening; you should choose a reputed Gold Jewellery in Delhi and do due diligence in getting the best value of your money. We have a few tips for you that we believe will help you in finding really good gold jewellery. 

Understand what karat markings mean
Every piece of gold jewellery is marked with karat markings and without them your purchases mean nothing. There are varieties in karats in the market and you will observe that prices vary upon these. 14K gold is the cheapest and least pure (58.5%) and 24K is the purest form (99.9%) which is rare and not to mention costly. In India, you will most probably buy 22K gold which is 91.6% pure and perfect for everything from weddings to birthdays and every other occasion that deserves a gift of gold.

Look for the right colour
Gold jewellery comes in different colours. Some come in green, red and rose coloured too. Designer jewellery has no limits when it comes to colours. But the classic gold jewellery is yellow in colour that you are used to seeing.

When you are in the market to buy gold; visit as many Gold Jewellery shops in Delhi as possible to find the widest range of products and prices.

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