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Buying Gold Jewellery Smartly

Festival season or not, we Indians love investing in gold, buying as many as possible whenever the opportunity presents itself. Gold is a good investment and has been on top of the list of things people want to buy when they think about buying something valuable to gift someone close and special. And since Gold Jewellery is popular, there is a huge demand for it all around and whosoever is concerned with designing and selling Gold Jewellery is trying to make the most of the opportunity they have. So how do you buy the best Gold Jewellery and yet spend as little as possible.

Watch out for the manufacturing price trap
The manufacturing price depends on a lot of things, most notably on the price of gold at the moment jewelers are at work designing your piece. Unless you ask them to keep prices under limit, they will make the most of whatever is best for them. You need to understand what is best for you and find a deal that is best for you. Look for Gold Jewellery designers who promise ‘fixed making price’ deals.

Machine made Jewellery is cheaper
You might not always want to spend thousands in jewellery for a friend. In that case, you should opt for machine made Gold Jewellery; the making charge of machine made pieces is less, so it’s a win–win situation for you. Not only you end up impressing your friend with great jewellery, you also save tons on making charge, and since machine made pieces get made faster, you can get an ear ring or bangle made in a day even!

Check the purity machine once more

The purity machine can be tricked to show a piece of jewellery to be more pure than it actually is. Don’t go about accusing the shop keeper of stealing from you or anything, but be sure to make it evident that you prefer honesty over anything.  Gold Jewellery has great resale value, but only if it is pure. Take the right steps to prevent yourself from price-shock in the future.

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