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Diamonds are Special and They Need Special Care

From all accounts we have read thus far, we know that diamonds are the hardest of all elements known to man. That however, doesn’t mean that diamond jewellery doesn’t need any care. If you take proper care of these, they will last you a lifetime.

Diamonds Don’t Like Each Other

Diamonds are so hard but some are harder compared to others, so what that means is if you place two diamonds close together, one will scratch the other! Then of course there are metals to consider. If you must keep diamonds with other jewellery be sure to place it separately with a cloth in between to prevent each other from touching.

Cleaning Jewels with Soap and Brush

Jewellery cleaners can be bought off the shelves dime a dozen but you don’t even need them. All you will ever need is a brush, some water and a little time to let your jewellery soak in the soap-water mixture. Once it has been soaked enough gently brush over the surface for a while and that should take care of everything.

Check for loose rocks

When you keep jewellery without wearing it for months at end, some stones tend to become loose and when that happens, an important rock may slip out of the casing without your knowledge. Given the worth of diamonds, you will incur a huge loss if that ever happens.

Having your diamond jewellery timely checked for loose pieces of rocks isn’t a bad thing to do. And it doesn’t cost a lot as well, so take your pieces to the jeweler and have him take a look at it.

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